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Lead Artist: Anne Robinson

Anne Robinson’s multidisciplinary art practice is concerned with the perception and politics of time passing. Recent works include: Inside Out Blues for ‘Capital of Culture’ Marseilles, Thrashing in the Static shown at Deptford X, CGP London, Folkestone and Objectifs, Singapore and Through the Air With the Greatest of Ease for Seismograf journal. Recent curatorial projects include: Over Time, 2014, Thames foreshore and at RMG and Supernormal  arts festival. She teaches at Middlesex University.

Thrashing in the Static, song-film, 2014, 19mins still2

Still from Thrashing in the Static, 2014 film

Artist website:

Collaborating Artists:

Limpe Fuchs:

limpe stones.jpg

German experimental percussionist and sound-scape artist working with metal.


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Vocalists from this Estonian sound art group:

Anna Hints, Jüri Metssalu




Based in St Petersberg, Oligarkh crosses musical boundaries to juxtapose folk memory, diverse instrumentation, visuals and hiphop in strange, jarring, remixed rhythms.

Breathing Space:


London based sound art collective, using voice, field recordings and experimental instrumentation.

Photo by Anne Robinson of St Augustine’s Tower, Hackney: Time: A Sonic Vigil

Thanks also to sound artists/musicians: Karina Townsend, Pete Truin (Shanty Choir and Woven Gold) and Ian Thompson who have agreed to contribute and to Middlesex University school of Media and Performing Arts. Further artists tbc.

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